③ Download & Install Remaster Mod

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to install the mod.

We strongly recommend installing the Project Remaster mod for an enhanced gaming experience. If you are new to modding, our tutorial heavily relies on this mod, so it is advised to follow along.

Project Remaster is a high-quality enhancement modification for Battlefield 2142. It aims to remaster this 15-year-old game for a complete modern experience by introducing high-quality textures, realistic animations and new weapons into the game engine.

The mod also comes with a collection of troubleshooting and diagnosis tools that are often helpful when the game runs into issues. Not to mention, the mod includes a wiki that gives you all information about how to get the game running, how to fix video issues, how to fix crashes, etc. That is why we would strongly encourage you to install the mod to have access to these useful resources.

The mod is developed and maintained by a modding group called Project Remaster Team. You are encouraged to join their Discord server to receive support and the latest updates about their project.


If you already have an older version of the mod installed, you must uninstall it first, including removing any leftover files in the , before proceeding to install a newer version.

  1. Download project_remaster_v14_setup_BETA13.exe from Downloads.

  2. Double-click to run the installer. It may before something shows up.

  3. Click Yes when the dialogue Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? pops up.

  4. ​Click and then Run Anyway if the dialogue Windows Protected Your PC (Windows Defender SmartScreen) pops up.

  5. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation.​

  6. When the installation completes, uncheck the option Start Remaster Launcher.

Step 5: You are advised to select the option English language (HD Fonts) when you see the prompt message Please select the language that the game should run in. You should also correct the installation path if the installer fails to correctly locate your game folder.


Download the version you prefer to use.

project_remaster_v14_setup_BETA14.exe (Google Drive, 3.6 GB)

[STABLE] project_remaster_v14_setup_BETA13.exe (Google Drive, 3.6 GB)

More About Mods

You will have four folders in your /Battlefield 2142/mods/ folder once the installation is completed, each of which represents a variant of bf2142 mods.

  1. bf2142 is the vanilla base game.

  2. Project_Remaster_v14 is the main mod. It contains the complete mod (textures, models, maps etc.) and will be used for hosting your multiplayer / singleplayer game.

  3. Project_Remaster_v14_offline is a mini-mod for offline singleplayer. • It works without an internet connection. • The customization screen will not work. • You have pre-defined soldier load-outs and kit load-outs with some fixed unlocks. • Loot dead bots' backpacks to use other load-outs.

  4. Project_Remaster_v14_vanilla_weapons is a mini-mod with all weapons and gadgets having their vanilla stats (damage, recoil, rate of fire, amount of ammo etc.). It also removes the new 4th primary rifles from the soldiers. Animations, however, stay the same as in the main mod.

Mod Content

  • Features a lot of improvements on textures, sounds, 3D models and animations.

  • Supports 4K resolution and 120Hz / 144Hz framerates.

  • Supports widescreen with real 16:9 HUD.

  • Supports Reshade overlay and SMAA.

  • Improves the drag-and-drop customisation screen.

  • Improves the Coop mode with better bot AI and more maps.

  • Adds the 4th primary rifle slot to each soldier class with a new weapon in it.

  • Comes with a launcher, manual and debugging tools.

You may refer to the Project Remaster manual for more details about the mod.

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