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What kind of experience do you wish to have?

Classic Setup

If you want to play the game , simply continue with the current flow by following the tutorials from ④ Installing BF2142 Hub to ⑩ Hosting Servers. It is also the setup that most of our tutorials on this site focus on.

Quick Setup

If you just want to enjoy the game without more waiting, you can skip ④ Installing BF2142 Hub to ⑩ Hosting Servers and refer to the tutorial BF2142Unlocker for more details on how to create or join a game using the intuitive GUI that comes with Project Remaster.

At, we have a soft spot for nostalgia, and we believe in teaching newcomers how to install the game classically. While this method may take a few more steps compared to the quick setup, it results in a fully functional game that can be launched using the old GUI. You can then spend your happy moments exploring the game and creating or joining games through it.

However, we do understand the need to provide a generally simpler modding experience for those who want to enjoy the game without more waiting. For this very purpose, a quick setup with the use of BF2142Unlocker is provided. This tool eliminates the need to install patches yourself and handles everything from joining servers, switching master servers, hosting LAN games, to finding a server. All you need to do is launch BF2142Unlocker and use their intuitive off-game GUI to start playing the game.

If you are new to the game or unsure which method to choose, it is always better to stick with our classic setup. We do provide a detailed tutorial on how to install the patches and mods. It is also helpful to try the classic setup first because you will learn a lot about the patching or modding process for BF2142 and why we have these steps in place. This knowledge will help you understand BF2142Unlocker better as it integrates all these concepts into one.

Lastly, it is worth noting that you can always switch to using BF2142Unlocker later on if you find the classic GUI inconvenient. For now, let's enjoy the modding process together!

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