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If you're still finding ways to get your Battlefield 2142 coming to life again, or you simply don't know where to get a copy of the game, maybe you can really give us a try!
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About Us

GetBF2142.net is a little fan website made by some die-hards of the franchise!
Many of us still love the game up to this day, but it is getting harder and harder day by day to actually get the game from a working source and to play it with friends without issues. We understand all these struggles and that's why we made this website.
Our goal is to provide all the necessary resources and information all in one place so that everyone else who still wants to play this 15-year-old game today can have access to it and have fun in no time!
If it ever comes to a day that this website has to be taken down, then let's be it. But before that ever happens, we will still be here trying our very best to help out those who still want to play the game.
Just a side note that we made this website out of good intentions. There are no ads or revenues made out of this project (We actually consumed our own money to buy the domain). We also never meant to support pirated games nor encourage any infringement of copyrights.
As die-hard fans of the franchise, we would always want to pay our full respects to EA and DICE for making such a good game. But the game itself has been abandoned for so many years with no better ways to play online or buy online, so we really have no choice but to resort to our very own little ways to get and play the game. We're terribly sorry for what we've done here if it upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable.
Feel free to drop us a message in our Forum or Contact Page if you want to be part of us to make a contribution to this project.
If it happens to you that the project seems inappropriate in some sense, also feel free to contact us so that we can have your concerns addressed together.


  • Instructions are well-organised and written in detail.
  • Download resources are tested & mirrored.
  • Extra info and tips are included.
  • Contents are constantly reviewed & updated.

Tutorial Topics

Our tutorials cover some of the most frequently asked topics:
  • How to Download Battlefield 2142 for Free?
  • How to Install Battlefield 2142 Base Game v1.01?
  • How to Download and Install v1.50 Patch?
  • How to Download and Install v1.51 Patch?
  • How to Download and Install Project Remaster Mod?
  • What are Master Servers?
  • What is OpenSpy? What is Novgames?
  • How to Install OpenSpy or NovGames Components via BF2142 Hub?
  • How to switch between different Master Servers?
  • How to Configure Remaster Launcher?
  • How to Create an OpenSpy or NovGames Account?
  • How to Play Singleplayer (Singleplayer + LAN Setup + Offline Mini-Mod)?
  • How to Play Multiplayer (Joining LAN Server, Public WAN Server, Private WAN Server)?
  • How to Host a Server using the In-Game Menu?
  • How to Host a Dedicated Server?
  • How to Use BF2142 Unlocker?
It won't even take you more than an hour to get a fully functional bf2142 from scratch!


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